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Hello there, Riley James, at your service.
I live in the little fucktown that is Hazel Park, MI
Writing, film, drawing, acting and music.
undiscovered bands coffee & cigarettes.
That is all.

Anyone else need this today? Cause I do.


Anyone else need this today? Cause I do.







This is a summary of college only using two pictures; expensive as hell.

That’s my Sociology “book”. In fact what it is is a piece of paper with codes written on it to allow me to access an electronic version of a book. I was told by my professor that I could not buy any other paperback version, or use another code, so I was left with no option other than buying a piece of paper for over $200. Best part about all this is my professor wrote the books; there’s something hilariously sadistic about that. So I pretty much doled out $200 for a current edition of an online textbook that is no different than an older, paperback edition of the same book for $5; yeah, I checked. My mistake for listening to my professor.

This is why we download. 

Spreading this shit like nutella because goddamn textbooks are so expensive. 

not necessarily art related but as someone who couldn’t afford their textbooks this semester this is a godsend

REBLOGGING because after a little digging, I found my $200 textbook for free in PDF form.

friendly reminder that this exists since I know we’re all going back to college soon


Do you ever just see the first sentence of a text message and just think “oh fuck no I do not have time for this shit”

I fell in love with her when we were together, then fell deeper in love with her in the years we were apart.

 Nicholas SparksDear John (via feellng)


This little guy needed a break mid-walk



This little guy needed a break mid-walk



is your face from mcdonalds? cause im loving it


adding dude to the beginning of any sentence can make it sound so much more dramatic than it really is


genuinely sorry for the people who tried to talk to me and were disappointed by how uncool i am


*blogs the pain away*

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